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Jan 18, 2013 7:00pm EST
interesting point. there's a column written someplace,, i'm not sure, by my friend john avlon. and he's a moderate to sort of slightly left of center guy. but he says this. he says the gop at the state level has really more diversification than the democrats do. and he cites, for example, hispanic governors, brian sandoval in nevada, suzanne martinez of new mexico. indian american governor bobby jindal, who may run for president. okay? he also talks about in the senate a new star, ted cruz, hispanic from texas. and of course marco rubio, hispanic from florida. we have african-american senator tim scott, just appointed. 24s pretty good stuff. >> it is. >> the question is if you did so well on the diversity issues at the state level for these gubernatorial and senate races why can't you get it done at the presidential level? >> well, the presidential level is a little different thing that i'm in charge of at the house level, but we had 21 women candidates and incumbents, all of whom the democrats targeted and replaced with men. you know, we have done a pretty good job, but not as good a
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am EST
dodds frank? yeah. >> alan dodds frank -- >> you got an e-mail -- no, he's a cnn guy. i thought you were talking about him. i realized we hadn't talked about dodd-frank in a while. his name is alan dodds frank. so how that possible? he's a business correspondent. >> yeah. >> his name is dodd frank. that's like -- >> yeah -- >> like arm & hammer, isn't it? the guy bought arm & hammer because his name -- then we used to have a guy on all the time, named after the craft store. remember that guy? >> michael's? >> no, the other one. >> a.c. moore? >> yeah. a.c. moore on all the time. >> i don't remember. >> he did not buy -- he is at argus research, a.c. moore. we got to hire this guy. he could be an expert on -- >> all the time. >> we'll have alan dodd frank on -- >> dodd-frank, if it were repealed, would he have less value? >> he was repealed, i think. where is he now? i'm sorry. did that -- >> let's go -- >> those were my kleenex. stay away from them. >>> let's go across the bond. time for the "global markets report." kelly evans is standing by. is there a famous company or legal provision
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2